Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vermont !

We have honest to good people in Vermont and what a beautiful state, have you seen it in it's winter, spring, summer or fall glory??
Check it out! http://www.travel-vermont.com/
It's winter here alright!

Remember when I said I left a sample at Lake Champlain Chocolates?
Well, they called me back and they were very interested in incorporating Deva Naturals, LLC.'s Freeze dried Mangosteen in their delicious chocolate!
I was thrilled. The owner himself, "Jim Lampman emailed me saying he loved them, what a gentleman!

"Hi Nitti,
Yes, I did try the mangosteen chocolate you left and enjoyed it very much. I thought it delivered a nice mango taste and citrus next. I enjoyed the texture. Thanks for bringing to our attention. We are always interested in new ingredients. Thanks and I believe Dave Bolton has been in touch with you for more samples. Jim"

I met with Dave and honestly, he looks so much like my cousin brother inlaw, it's not funny......it's awsome !
Anyway, so he gave me a tour of the factory , I wore the lab coat and a hair net, it took me back to when I was attending University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, lab all over again working hard at my M.S. degree in Nutritional Science in 1994 , geez! all those taste tests, lab works, humungussss papers..............where did the time go??
It was a lot of hard work man!!



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