Thursday, December 4, 2008

My long lost friend !

I haven't met Medini Pradhan in 25 yrs. till date. One fine day I get a call from her and it's like we've always been in touch.
One of my dear college friends from Mumbai, India. We talked, laughed and cried, I was hysterical, don't tell her that.....SHSHSSHSSHHHH !!!!!
Anyway, got to talking about Deva Naturals, LLC."MANGOSTEENS"

She is now in Chicago, doing really well, I might add! , incredible or what!
I mentioned my freeze dried Mangosteen packages to her and mentioned that I am just starting out. I mailed her some to taste and get her input....

She's been in business for over 10 years now and I value her opinion as a friend and as a business woman.
Being the person that she is , she took pictures of my packed Mangosteen and sent them to me last night, her email says 4 am ??? Gosh girl, do you ever sleep?
Man! She sure gives her commitments to friends, family and customers a priority!

Just look at the picture she took ! That's how I have been retailing my packaged Mangosteen at and

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