Thursday, December 10, 2009


Who says Collard greens have to be cooked by themselves ?! I added Turnips and cooked them to perfection in Rice bran oil along with some Deva Natural Authentic Indian Spices and Voila!
Garnish the vegetables with some fresh Pomegranate and it makes a scrumptious side dish or great for wraps as well !
Colorful, Delicious, Nourishing dish !

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Gourmet Mall write up:

"Deva Naturals is a purveyor of fine products ranging from fruits to spices to chutneys. We recently sampled a few more of their unique products: Mangosteen Chutney, Berry Medley Chutney, Peach Chutney, and Indian Masala Spice Blend.
The Indian Masala Spice Blend is packaged in a square tin. When we opened it, our noses were met with strong cumin aromas invoking true Indian cuisine. The spice blend exhibits a spicy, rich flavor with a nice hot kick. We mixed it into ground beef and rubbed a bit on the outside of the patties. It imparted a rich and complex flavor—something new and different from the grill.
The Mangosteen Chutney (as well as the other two) is packaged in a jar bearing the Deva Naturals emblem and a rendering of a bowl of chutney and the fruit therein.
This chutney is light brown in color. Aromas of apples, citrus, and spices are prevalent, and large chunks of mangosteen are found throughout.
The chutney is fruity and tangy, with savory spices rounding out the complex, sweet flavor.
The Berry Medley Chutney is dark red in color. It has a smoother consistency than the thicker mangosteen chutney. This one is very sweet, and also boasts savory Indian spices. The heat is turned up a bit more in the Berry Medley Chutney, and the flavors of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry make it a unique condiment.
Last was the Peach Chutney. It is a golden color and also has a smooth consistency much like the Berry Medley Chutney. Its rich, sweet peach flavor and delicate Indian spices made this one our review panel's hands-down favorite!
We tried the chutneys alone, and also used them to coat chicken breasts for the grill. The chutneys reduced to a sticky, caramelized coating of pure, rich flavor. The chicken was extra juicy, and the flavors of the fruit in the chutney paired with the spices therein to provide a powerfully flavorful grilling experience.
Deva Naturals' products continue to impress. Anyone who loves Indian food or who enjoys being a bit adventurous in their culinary style must try these products!
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