Saturday, March 24, 2012

LEMONGRASS uses & benefits!

LEMONGRASS,  calming herb!
When life hands you lemongrass, make lemongrass tea & feel a whole lot better!
Lemongrass is said to help with anxiety, epilepsy, fungal & yeast infections.
It was used to scent baths in ancent Rome. In Southeast Asia, it's most commonly used as a paste in curries and the leaves are tied and dropped into hot soup and water to make tea. The leaves are discarded before eating.
Although the whole plant has a beautiful aroma, only the lower part is tender enough to eat. Cut to thin round pieces it is added to savory salads and stirfry dishes.
Lemongrass pairs well with : Corriander/Cillantro, Chili, Onion, Garlic, Galangal & Coconut !
These days you can find Lemongrass cosmetics, soaps, perfumes, lotions, candles as well.
It is very easy to grow, just buy a healthy stock even from a supermarket and plant it in good soil in a pot and when it seems to be rooting you can plant it outside.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


So I just read a friend's blog on how she coped with her caotic life the past 2 months. Loss of any kind is difficult, be it any age, gender, plant, animal, human, material things.
My 2 cents worth with food!
There is a reason why some food is called comfort / soul food.
The kind that reminds you of home, whatever home means for you.. Be it, where you were born or where you are now, the meals you enjoyed with friends, family or even by even by yourself sitting by the ocean waves in the sunset or early dawn... maybe with a book or with your pet and some music of choice.. For me, it has got to be the Indian Instruments with some piano in the background, ya, Sitar, Tabla, Flute & Piano....I'm in heaven!

Comfort food for some it is fried chicken and for some it is Tom Yum Kung/ Thai, hot n sour soup.
Some, plate of home made cookies with chai spice...

For others, a glass of cold milk and for some a rich smoothie.....for others a slice of chocolate Mangosteen Cake.

Whatever Works for You Dahlins!

Food is a great way to get our yaa yaa's out, our knoted muscles ease with a gentle massage of Almond or Olive oil with some turmeric and honey!

We connect & reconnect with our feelings, we communicate friendship, prayer, love, passion, culture, traditions,..... great satisfaction often comes from nourishing food and good company!

So folks... in this difficult love/venus wave..lets cope with all the available techniques and reach out to whoever/whatever works for us..

 Life .... has a lesson for all of us, I am trying to learn it, I slip, I fall, I get off of my butt and try again.
My life lesson: IS TO SERVE, WITH LOVE!

Thanks for reading... I welcome all comments.