Friday, May 27, 2011

Brocoli Chutney !

Creativity happens in spurts for me. Today I made BROCOLI CHUTNEY !

Some would say eeeeeeeeiw! Taste it, taste it and you will see how YUMMALICIOUS it is. I added it to my pasta for lunch and gobbled it up!

My younger one is very adamant about not eating vegetables, so I find new ways to incorporate them in his life.
When he says, "Mama, I love this chilli", what do you think mama says? "Darling, you've got good taste, I added pureed vegetables to it :-)" & then mama names all the vegetables she put in there! Yup, that's what I do! You name it: Turnips, Kale, Brocoli & the list goes on.

So, Brocoli is one of the super foods that is SO VERY IMPORTANT, we just dont get enough of it, specially not my "finiky eater".
CHUTNEY, YEAH, why didn't I think of it before! That's what I'll make & I did, just an hour ago. Will try it on the family tonight and lets see what the verdit will be. I sure enjoyed it!