Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Mindful eating is simply enjoying every morsel of food that we put in our mouth.

Food is the Universe's way of nourishing our mind and body!

Little Tid bits:

1. Plan ahead for todays on the run society.
2. Prepare my own food enjoying the amazing bounty of Nature.
3. Buy local and fresh as much as possible.
4. Sit down with a fork and spoon to eat.
5. Chew every bite, relishing the taste, smell and site of the food.

Easy to say but practice does make it easier to do !

Thursday, February 3, 2011




MISSIE ROTI (whole wheat lentil parathas)

Tomorrow Feb 4th 2011 is the day Deva Naturals start "COOKING INDIAN, IN VERMONT" We will focus on Punjabi Cuisine, 'coz that's where my roots are.

Punjab is geographically situated in North West India. The native language of Punjab is Punjabi also known as Gurmukhi.
Agriculture is the largest industry in Punjab, it is the single largest producer of Wheat in India. It therefore contains wheat as a part of the main dish like for the Chinese it is rice for us in the United States it is Bread and Potatoes.
Punjabi food can be Vegetarian, Vegan or completely Non Veg. Some typical dishes include Sarson daa Saag, Mah ki daal, Kaalae Cholae, Parathas, Tandoori Rotis, Rajmah Chawal, Rongi etc.

My cooking classes are unique because Authenticity marries Deliciously Healthy home made cusine.
And it is completely hands on.

Punjabi farmers,usually enjoy calorie rich meals that include meats, Legumes and Wheat Paratha's that are oozing and topped with home made butter and milk product deserts!
Well, don't forget, we did a lot of physical labor in the fields without the modern technology.
However, today there is all sort of machinery and tecnology to help farmers, we now have a different lifestyle, our health & caloric needs are different.
For example if we're making Alloo Parathas, (which is the 1st dish to learn on our menu), my students will learn to knead whole wheat flour and stuff with potatoes, herbs & spices, hand roll the dough into round shapes & roast the Paratha on an iron griddle with olive oil.
When I do use milk products I plan on using medium fat content in my recipes unless otherwise requested.

Some of my dishes will include:

Maah ki daal (Black whole legumes)
Channa Masala (Chickpeas)
Kaalae Cholae (Black curried Chickpeas)
Sarson da saag (mustard greens)
Saag Paneer (mixed greens with home made cheese)
Kadhi with vegetables or Pakoras.
Gobi Alloo (Curried Cauliflower, due to popular demand)
Mattar Paneer (Home made cheese with Peas)
Gajjar Mattar Alloo (Curried Carrots with Peas and Potatoes)
Tandoori Chicken
Butter Chicken
Keema Mattar (ground lamb/chicken/pork or turkey with peas)
Vegtable Samosas (easy way to make samosaa's)
Mango lassi
Kadaah Parshad ...just to name a few.......