Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vermont !

We have honest to good people in Vermont and what a beautiful state, have you seen it in it's winter, spring, summer or fall glory??
Check it out! http://www.travel-vermont.com/
It's winter here alright!

Remember when I said I left a sample at Lake Champlain Chocolates?
Well, they called me back and they were very interested in incorporating Deva Naturals, LLC.'s Freeze dried Mangosteen in their delicious chocolate!
I was thrilled. The owner himself, "Jim Lampman emailed me saying he loved them, what a gentleman!

"Hi Nitti,
Yes, I did try the mangosteen chocolate you left and enjoyed it very much. I thought it delivered a nice mango taste and citrus next. I enjoyed the texture. Thanks for bringing to our attention. We are always interested in new ingredients. Thanks and I believe Dave Bolton has been in touch with you for more samples. Jim"

I met with Dave and honestly, he looks so much like my cousin brother inlaw, it's not funny......it's awsome !
Anyway, so he gave me a tour of the factory , I wore the lab coat and a hair net, it took me back to when I was attending University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, lab all over again working hard at my M.S. degree in Nutritional Science in 1994 , geez! all those taste tests, lab works, humungussss papers..............where did the time go??
It was a lot of hard work man!!



Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Can't stop eating !

So what if you can't stop eating Mangosteen! "It's not bad for us, actually it maybe good for us................., the mind goes on & on & on .........!"

When has eating a healthy treat hurt anyone?? When someone overeats..anything .......duh!
Moderation is the key! My teacher taught me in school, I try......!!!??!!

By overeating, I mean being unreasonable, which is relative to each individual. Share, "sharing all the things we have, oh what joy, what peace and contentment....."...anyone remember that song?

Lets take care of ourselves !

The fact that we are eating my Freeze dried Mangosteen, says that we generally eat healthy, so why jeopardize that??
Live healthy and be happy!!
If you want any of the mouth watering dark choclate covered Mangosteen shown ->
Place an order and let me know ....



These are homemade and hand dipped, hand packed, no machines involved only the human touch !

Happy Holidays 08!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chocolate-Dipped Mangosteen

We were driving to New Hampshire talking about my star product, Freeze dried Mangosteen.

Chocolate covered Mangosteen ! My husband said, sweetheart why don't you try that?

I'll bet dipping them in chocolate will enhance the taste ! Besides dark chocolate is high in antioxidants as well!

Good Idea, I copyright protected it! Who knows what lies ahead.....

This is how the very first chocolated dipped Mangosteen in the world came into existance. My very own idea! I have to see how to protect it internationally as well!

I went to Laughing Moon Chocolates in Stowe, VT and spoke with the owner, who was kind enough to try this idea with her very own chocolate !
It sure tasted good, her chocolates are delicious. http://www.laughingmoonchocolates.com/
The plate below has her chocolate with my freeze dried mangosteen. They were scrumptious!

Mouth watering chocolate with the crunchy sweet and sour freeze dried mangosteen, my goodness, I feel like the world should taste it!

Now you can buy my Freeze Dried Mangosteen packages and place orders for chocolate dipped Mangosteen on my website as well !http://www.devanaturals.com/
Just drop me a line, I look forward to hearing from you all.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My long lost friend !

I haven't met Medini Pradhan in 25 yrs. till date. One fine day I get a call from her and it's like we've always been in touch.
One of my dear college friends from Mumbai, India. We talked, laughed and cried, I was hysterical, don't tell her that.....SHSHSSHSSHHHH !!!!!
Anyway, got to talking about Deva Naturals, LLC. http://www.devanaturals.com/"MANGOSTEENS"

She is now in Chicago, doing really well, I might add!
http://www.cuisinecuisine.com/ , incredible or what!
I mentioned my freeze dried Mangosteen packages to her and mentioned that I am just starting out. I mailed her some to taste and get her input....

She's been in business for over 10 years now and I value her opinion as a friend and as a business woman.
Being the person that she is , she took pictures of my packed Mangosteen and sent them to me last night, her email says 4 am ??? Gosh girl, do you ever sleep?
Man! She sure gives her commitments to friends, family and customers a priority!

Just look at the picture she took ! That's how I have been retailing my packaged Mangosteen at http://www.healthylivingmarket.com/ and www.naturalprovisions.com

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Naked Mangosteen !!!

In the picture to your right you see Mangosteens without the peel, in their naked glory, ready to be freeeze dried.
As you can see, the fruit itself is pretty small about the size of a Clamentine.
It is white and has a peach like texture.
It gets it's touch of purple from the rind. If you look closely, it also has some pigmentation closer to the center, which is from the seeds.
The fruit is taken and freeze dried and packaged under hygenic conditions, then it is ready for sales.
"Freeze drying (also known as lyophilization) is a dehydration process typically used to preserve a perishable material or make the material more ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freeze drying"

After freeze drying the fruit becomes more intense in flavor making it sweet and sour, crunchy to taste!