Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Can't stop eating !

So what if you can't stop eating Mangosteen! "It's not bad for us, actually it maybe good for us................., the mind goes on & on & on .........!"

When has eating a healthy treat hurt anyone?? When someone overeats..anything .......duh!
Moderation is the key! My teacher taught me in school, I try......!!!??!!

By overeating, I mean being unreasonable, which is relative to each individual. Share, "sharing all the things we have, oh what joy, what peace and contentment....."...anyone remember that song?

Lets take care of ourselves !

The fact that we are eating my Freeze dried Mangosteen, says that we generally eat healthy, so why jeopardize that??
Live healthy and be happy!!
If you want any of the mouth watering dark choclate covered Mangosteen shown ->
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These are homemade and hand dipped, hand packed, no machines involved only the human touch !

Happy Holidays 08!

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