Monday, November 30, 2009


U know what Paneer is, afcourse you do !

Boil Milk, add some lime/lemon juice and allow the milk protein to cooagulate!
There ! U've got UR Home Made Cheese AKA Paneer !
I use 1% Milk! You can make it with 2, 4 or even half& half ! If you like! I wouldn't ......just coz, we don't need too much animal fat in our diet !
Moderation is the key to a healthy happy life!
Toast it, Roast it, Fry it, Stir fry it ! Pressure cook it, to make delicious Rasgullas (Bengali Sweet dish) !

I love it simple, Strfried with Rice Bran oil, onions and Peas, with a hint of Deva Naturals, Indian Spice Blend !

Enjoy with Naan or Whole wheat Tortillas ! Here's a picture !

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