Friday, November 28, 2008

Hello there MANGOSTEEN !

So, about 15 of us are playing charades, the whole family......... never fails, I have to enact a card, btw, the cards are home made!

Guess what card I get? MANGOSTEEN !
Everyone here knows what Mangosteen is but...........What the........... !!!!!!
How the.............?????
HMMM ...................????????

Here we go................:-) !!! AHEM AHEM ! (I clear my throat)
I make a slurping sound, sounds are allowed right?
I smack my lips, I lick my lips and slurp some more........... by now I'm really drooling! Slurp, slurp!!!

You won't believe the guess answers I got, uhhmmhmm! It was so funny, we were all rolling with laughter !! My 8 year old nephew and onwards to 75 yrs. of age in the video room.........
Ma yells..............MUNKHUD !!!
YUP! Mungkhud is another name for Mangosteen in Thai.
We are all the heck did you know ma? She said, "u've never drooled so much over anything else!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe!!!! OH MAAAA!!!!!! "

Here is a picture of Mangosteen cut up to show off the beautiful, lucious fruit.
Ya, we also call it " Mungkhud " in Thai !

So, Ma goes to the fridge and brings out a huge platter of cut up whole Mangosteens for all of us!

It took about a full 6 minutes to finish the WHOLE platter and SATISFACTION WAS WRITTEN ALL OVER OUR FACES!!!!!!!!!

Not everyone knows what MANGOSTEEN is !!!
Rule number 1 : NEVER ASSUME !!! When u do that u make an ass of u and me !! Some one once told me!
So, check out the link
Personally, it is sooo juicy when fresh, but you know what? I am unsure if we can get all it's antioxidant benefits, that it is well known for.
My son loves it too!
"Too bad ma, we don't get it in the US" he says..... thinking out loud!
Well, now we do.........Freeze dried Mangosteen.
The Fresh fruit is not far behind!! I hear you can get it in Canada, so I'm sure it will get here, eventually...


Medini said...

Very interesting ! I had never eaten the fruit until I received some freeze dried from and it was avery unique and tasty fruit. I think it would go very well with French Vanilla Ice-cream !!! Yummm ! Would love to taste the real fesh Mangosteen one day !

Preeti said...

Definately intresting..come here u gals there is fresh Mangosteen available through the year!!!.Wonder y its called so....Mangoesteen??!!

Mangosteen Lady said...

Check out the FAQ on for more information!