Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mangosteen Snack

Importing or exporting food / fruit is very difficult. Lots of rules and regulations. Rightfully so, I say !
How do we get Mangosteen to where we live?
Shopping is so much fun, you never know what you might find. Well, walking around the super market in Bangkok, I saw in the snack isle, " Freeze dried Mangosteen " , afcourse, I wanted to try some! Did, loved it !
Brought it home, offered it to friends and family, the comments I got ranged from:

"Oooh yum!" -----I agree!
"Too sweet"-------No sugar added, I checked the label. Naturally, sweet!
" I don't like it"---------Every one has different taste buds !
"I can't stop eating it.."------------Me neither!

A friend of mine finished a whole 30 gm bag, 2 servings just while we were chatting, well, I ate some too, we ate it right from the bag, right Deb? !!!

Looked into importing it to the States.

Deva Naturals, LLC. has Mangosteen packages that have an FDA code on it. , come check us out!
The fruit is freeze dried.
The packages are recylclable, resealable to keep the fruit fresh.
The fruit is all natural.
No additives, colors, preservatives, salt, sugar..........

All this worked in favor of being able to bring it in.

I thought the tag line: "ALL FRUIT, NOTHING BUT THE FRUIT " is just right !

That's how Deva Naturals, LLC. came into existence!
more to come....................

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