Sunday, May 24, 2009

Curried Okra / Bhindi ki sabji

We sometimes don't like Okra because of it's sticky like "stuff"!
Yesterday, we had Indian Bhindi i.e. Okra with roti and dahi!
Roti is nothing but a whole wheat tortilla that we North Indians brag about.
We stuff these with different vegetables and enjoy it with a cup of plain simple dahi, i.e. home made yogurt !
Just a lazy Sunday meal !

Curried Okra / Bhindi Ki Sabji on Foodista

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Trish said...

Lazy maybe but delicious, definitely! I can't say I have developed a taste for okra BUT...oh my am I in love with Dahl!!!!! Hey...I am checking out the good company I am with on the foodieblogroll....nice blog you have here...I'll be back